Magnet Verlag is an independent publishing house based in Munich, Germany. It was founded by Sabine Magnet in 2011. The publications of Magnet Verlag have are not specialized on a subject nor do they have a formal focus. We simply publish books, booklets, and other word and image carriers that we would enjoy.

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Another project of Sabine Magnet is POETRY TO GO.

”Magnet. Like the magnet"

Sabine Magnet is a poet, author, and journalist. She studied journalism at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University and trained at Deutsche Journalistenschule in Munich. In 2017, she launched the project ”POETRY TO GO“, a poetry performance based on the centuries-old tradition of commissioned poetry. She writes poems on demand - off the cuff and typed on a typewriter. Based on this ad hoc poetry she creates art which is shown in solo and group exhibitions or manifested in collaboration with the female art collective DIE VILLA. Her first volume of poetry Poesía Clandestina was published in 2012, her non-fiction book Und was wenn alle merken, dass ich kann nichts kann? (And what if everybody realizes that I'm not capable of anything?, mvg Verlag) about the impostor phenomenon. Her first children's book in rhyme, Der Gagahof, was published in 2020, as was her volume of poetry POETRY TO GO, which shows a selection of the poems she wrote on commission over the past years. Sabine divides her time between Munich, Germany and London, UK.