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This is the story of "Gagahof", a farm for animal outsiders and misfits, for those who are excluded because their unique talents and features are regarded as useless: the Kung Fu fighting cow, the flying goats, the colorful dog, the smart pig, and many more. The animals are living a content yet ostracized life in their refuge farm - until a poet moves in, writes about the animals... and by doing so changes their lives. And her own life as well.

DER GAGAHOF is an amusing story in rhymes with a deeper meaning, written by Sabine Magnet and illustrated with detailed, imaginative drawings by Henriette Artz. The typeface is not a conventional computer font, but the actual typeface of the author's typewriter, a coral-red Remington Riviera from the 1960s.

The book was produced in Bavaria. The printing process was carbon neutral, we used recycled paper. It has an FSC seal and a carbon-neutrality seal.

28 pages

in German

21 x 24 cm


Idea & Words: Sabine Magnet

Illustrations: Henriette Artz

Art Direction: Linna Xu und Sharon Pang von Studio Wulf